Business Internet Service

Most internet options available to small businesses use technology intended for residential users. If you are a business located in downtown Port Perry, we can now provide you with Internet service that was built to provide enterprise connectivity at prices you can afford.
Our fibre optic network currently services locations on the North side of Queen St, and continues to be expanded to serve the rest of the downtown area.

Symmetric Internet Access

Most retail Internet connections were designed to provide a faster web browsing experience to residential users over existing infrastructure, such as cable TV coax or telephone copper pairs. They provide lots of capacity in the downstream direction, but have very little capacity going upstream. This might be fine for web browsing and downloading files, but businesses do much more than that with their Internet connections.

Common business applications such as e-mail, VPN, remote desktop, video and audio conferencing, and IP voice services require significant upstream capacity. Many firms routinely need to send large files, such as media files or documents to their suppliers and customers. Even small retailers will benefit from faster debit transactions, quick photo uploads, and the ability to make use of cloud based or other off-site storage.

Our fibre optic customers can choose from services up to 250 Mb/s, all at very affordable rates.

Purpose-built Network

Instead of piggybacking on a legacy technology, our access network was designed specifically to provide IP (Internet) based services to local businesses. By bringing the fiber optic network right to your business, we can provide inexpensive, reliable connectivity to our customers. Our network is monitored 24/7/365, and our local technicians can respond in minutes to any problems that develop.

Managed Networking

Most small business don't have their own IT department, with dedicated network engineers and architects. We know that configuring routers and managing switches may not be high on your priority list. Like our telephone service, our Internet service is supplied as a managed system. Things like routing, firewall rules, DNS records, and static host entries are all looked after by our technical team. By providing these network elements as part of your service, even a small office can take advantage of having a properly configured network.

If you have multiple locations in our coverage area, we can connect all of them together as a single logical network. Sharing resources between sites is as easy as if they were all in the same room. Complicated VPN configurations are no longer needed, and device browsing and discovery work just as they do at a single site. Since all the sites can share a single connection to the Internet, there can be cost savings to this approach as well.

We work with your current computer support personnel to ensure that the underlying network provides your computers and other devices with all the resources they need to function at their best. If you wish to manage your own network, we can assign address space to your organization and terminate the connection to your own equipment.

Next Generation IPv6

The Internet, as most know it, is running out of addresses! Each device on the Internet needs a unique IP address to communicate with. In Feb 2011, the pool of available addresses was depleted, and as the Internet grows, there will no longer be enough IPv4 addresses for each computer that needs to connect.

The next generation IPv6 protocol was developed to solve this, and many other challenges. As the world begins to transition to the new IPv6 protocol, many providers have taken a "wait an see" approach, or have simply ignored it altogether. Instead of being ignorant to the current situation, we have embraced the "New Internet" and provide this as the default method for communicating on our network. Of course, we understand that not everyone has caught up yet, so we will continue to support IPv4 as long as it is still generally in use.

Is your company ready for IPv6? If not, have your computer administrator contact us. We will gladly point them in the right direction, and assist as needed. Most modern operating systems include IPv6, and it is turned on by default. Enabling servers and other resources for IPv6 is usually a simple task once the basic concepts are understood.