Packages and Pricing

Internet Service

All Internet speeds are symmetric, meaning that 100Mb/s services is 100Mb/s upstream and 100Mb/s downstream.

The Monthly quota is an expected monthly usage pattern. We do not charge overage fees, but reserve the right to promote your service to a higher package if the quota is regularly exceeded. Unlimited services are subject to a fair use policy that restricts certain types of activities, such as providing services to others for compensation. For unrestricted service, ask about our wholesale offerings.

"The Drop"

The first step is "The Drop", you can't do anything without "The Drop". "The Drop" is the term used for running the fibre optical cable from the street to the side of your home, burying it along the way and ending in a little grey box, usually right beside where your electrical service enters your home. We connect and test it so it's ready to go when you want service.

If you sign up for "The Drop" while we are working on your street the cost is only $100 + HST. If we have to come back with men and equipment to do "The Drop" after we have completed your area the charge will be roughly $400-$500. Even if you are selling, get "The Drop" done, it will increase the value of your home far more than $100...

Residential Internet Service

NameSpeedUsage QuotaMonthly Price
Ultra Unlimited1000Mb/sUnlimited$169.95
Performance Unlimited500Mb/sUnlimited$129.95
Family Unlimited150Mb/sUnlimited$99.95
Basic Unlimited50Mb/sUnlimited$79.95
Starter Unlimited25Mb/sUnlimited$69.99
Utility (Novice)*10Mb/s50 GB$34.95
Drop Only - $100 one-time--$0.00

* $300 Dollar Install Fee applies, with a $2.00 per GB overage charge

Here are some common examples of usage, the services below are showing two different video qualities streamed over an hour. These are very close approximations, in Youtube's case in particular it may vary more as there as so many more variables since their content is user created.

Click here for more information on speed and usage.